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  • A Bible commentary  new window - Bible commentary: Free Bible commentary and free Bible study material - USA (added: 25-Jun-2010 Hits: 405)

  • Absolute Bible Study  new window - This site teaches the Word of God which is perfect in quality and absolutely complete. It is not limited by private interpretation and neither is it watered down, but is absolutely pure (rightly divided). (added: 13-Mar-2019 Hits: 82)

  • BMF  new window - Business Men's Fellowship is a firm regarding Christians in business. - Europe (added: 10-Aug-2012 Hits: 363)

  • Boonville Worship Center  new window - Boonville Christian School is a ministry of Boonville Worship Center in Boonville Indiana. BCS uses the ACE curriculum to reach and teach the next generation the fundamentals of education. - USA (added: 12-Mar-2006 Hits: 522)

  • Christian Beliefs explained and defended  new window - This website explains and defends basic Christian beliefs in plain language. Also has a section on cults such as Mormonism & Jehovah Witnesses. - USA (added: 6-Sep-2012 Hits: 389)

  • Christian Career Coaching  new window - Find your best life now. Let Mark A. Griffin encourage you by career coaching you utilizing Christian principles to inspire you to reach your God given potential! - USA (added: 11-Jul-2012 Hits: 373)

  • Christian Counselling and End Times Prophecy  new window - To teach and educate Christians through devotions, bible studies and end times prophecy. Online Christian counselling is available free of charge - Australia (added: 11-Sep-2010 Hits: 394)

  • Christian Education  new window - Maranatha Foundation, homeschooling, home education and teaching, parenting, conferences etc. (added: 1-Nov-1999 Hits: 2225)

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